Get The Most Out Of Your Air Purifier

Ionic, Ultra-Violet, and Ozone: which to choose or which not to choose. 1000’s of articles are written on this topic every year. How do you sort out fact from fiction? First, start with the obvious. Every company has the best- in his own mind. So look somewhere else.


Buying an air purifier is just a start. If your air is dry, a humidifier can increase the moisture level in your house. In dry climates, humidity levels are very low all year round. More arid climates lead to more dust. Dust is 1 of the many allergens that can make allergies really bad. Humidifier systems can help you in this situation, but there are still other problems. Humidifier systems only increase moisture, which can help reduce dust. However, humidifier systems don’t do anything about the allergens in the air.



In some parts, it rains all of the time. Moisture levels inside your house can rise a lot without a dehumidifier in place. Mold grows any where that moisture is excessive. Mold is just as bad as dust for someone that suffers from allergies. For this reason, a dehumidifier can be vital. Dehumidifier machines remove moisture from the air and put it into a container you can remove from the device and pour down the drain. Better still, save it to water your garden.

Air Purifiers

Now you have these problems with your dehumidifier and humidifier under control, you are now prepared to begin cleaning the air of contamination with an air purifier. A purifier will control the remaning problems. Dust, pollen, mildew and mold… they are all negative for those with allergies and asthma. Your air purifier will work effectively for many years. Even so, there are things that can be done to extend it’s lifetime!

Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Don’t let excess dust to build up. Keep clutter tidied away. As air flows through the house, purifier devices will not be able to eliminate all particles from the air. Dust on furniture will stay behind. Dusting often with a slightly wet cloth will make sure that excess dust won’t be reintroduced back into the air.

Vacuum your carpet multiple times a week. You could invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA air purifier system if you want to be extra clean. After 1 day, you will be surprised with the huge quantity of dust that you’ll find in your house. You could remove carpets altogether and put in wooden or tile floors. Dust mites will not stand a chance against tiles!

Levels of allergens in the air goes up every year both inside and outside your house. Each year more people who have taken fresh air for granted now want to breathe something a bit less toxic. An air purifier will ease your breathing and your fears.

furnace safetyIf your furnace uses air purifying filters, replace them at least once a year. This is a good idea for 2 reasons. First, you don’t want the filter ducts getting blocked. Carbon monoxide (CO) is created with no warning. Unless you have a carbon monoxide alarm (unlikely), CO will probably go undetected and it is often deadly. Keeping your furnace’s filter clean is essential. If you are using an expired purifier filter, the dust will be circulated back into your house. The furnace is putting more dust into the air than the filter is trying to remove.

One of the most vital rules to keeping your air cleaning machine working well is to check the filters quite often. A blocked filter can’t remove contaminants so it must be replaced. Even if the manufacturer’s instructions tell you to check twice a year, check filters monthly anyway… just to be safe.